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December 20, 2012
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HA: Lance Peltier by Il-lu-mi-na-ti HA: Lance Peltier by Il-lu-mi-na-ti
Character for :iconhogwartsacademy:

Updated it
Name: Lance Peltier
Birthday: November 25, XXXX
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Year: 6th
Blood Status: Half blood (muggle dad)
Orientation: Straight

Physical description
Height:5'9 feet
Weight: 148lbs
Hair Color:Brown had black highlights
Eyes: Emerald green
Skin Color: Fair


A really gentleman and sweet that's what usually commented by his friends and yet has a really dark personality that no one will likes to see. But if your going to meet him make sure you won't bump into him, that's really pisses him off even he doesn't tell most people he met. He always do his best in academics and tries to balance it with his social life. He doesn't want to told want to do but if he you do something wrong he will give you a silent treatment where he won't say anything or answer in one to six words.

:bulletblack: Music

:bulletblack: Potion
:bulletblack: Cooking
:bulletblack: Disturbing his sleep


"I fear nothing"


When he was young, he usually seen reading a book, being taught how to speak french by his father or taught how to play the flute by his mother. As he mastered how to play the flute and was able to speak in French fluently. He wanted to learn more instrument and to speak with different foreign language also.

At his previous years at Hogwarts, he had a very difficult time to make friends or even talk to someone due to his house he was sorted to. At his free time he usually goes to the library to read books or doing his origami if he is bored reading. From time to time he would talk to his fellow Slytherin about stuff or plays wizard chess to them and yet he doesn't think of them as his friend.

During at Hogwarts

1st Year: Usually talks to Sinc and really quiet kid. But he silently bully kid from his year. He even cuts a girls hair because of a dare 

2nd Year:

3rd Year:

4th Year:

5th Year: 

6th Year: ???

7th Year: ???

Wand - Sycamore, 12 1/2 inches, Runespoor Fang, Slightly Springy
Broom: Black Eclipse
Patronus: Fox
Pet: a Barn Swallow name Belle

Something for the road:

:bulletblack: If you tell him to do something he will do the opposite, and if you tell him not to do something he'll do it anyway. Basically he does what he wants and doesn't listen well. except if your Eli, Sinc, Evans or Will.

:bulletblack: He has a younger sister who is sorted at Ravenclaw

:bulletblack: speaks English and French

:bulletblack: He has a bit of french accent when he talks 

:bulletblack: Summer is usually he goes skimboarding and surfing or cruising at the streets (special thanks to his muggles cousin, to his addiction)



:bulletyellow: Elise Litwin
"Try to hurt her and I swear I will make your life a living nightmare"

:bulletgreen: Sinclair Dunes
"no musical talent little git but yeah he is still my best friend ever since the first year"

:bulletgreen: Evangeline Kithcart
"Evans. Evans.. Evans... hmmm? She a very special friend" mumbles something "Even she keeps annoying me but we still have a stable kind of friendship? I guess..."

:bulletgreen: William Hans
Will? I guess older brother figure but he is a bit annoying from time to time?




Lance belongs to :iconil-lu-mi-na-ti:
Template belongs to :iconhelix-wing:
Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling
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